SparrowHub - Script Management System

SparrowHub Introduction

Well, today an automation is heart of IT. People use scripts to solve their daily tasks.
SparrowHub - script management system - provides no hassle automation for user's scripts.

Sparrowhub runs on the Perl - battle proved and mature language, so SparrowHub is compatible
for the majority of OS and platforms ( Windows and Linux ), given that Perl is installed.

Moreover SparrowHub allows people to upload theirs scripts written on quite a number of well known languages:
Perl, Python, Powershell, Ruby or Bash.


To start using SparrowHub you'll client called Sparrow which is installed as CPAN module:

$ cpanm Sparrow

Scripts repository

Once you install Sparrow client, start playing with scripts repository, discover and run them:

$ sparrow index update
$ sparrow plg search azure
$ sparrow plg install azure-app-service-info
Sparrow scripts also called plugins, you can browse plugins documentation through SparrowHub site.

Distributing scripts

Want to distribute your own script? It's dead easy. Write the one in one of the preferable languages ( Perl, Python, Powershell, Ruby, Bash )
And upload the script's package to SparrowHub. You will need an account for that.

$ sparrow plg upload


SparrowHub has a lot of documentation as well as Internet posts. You can refer to the technical documentation on GitHub
or read nice introductions on different subjects at

We hope you'll enjoy using the system and it will help you in your daily job.
Send us feedback or create tickets/feature requests on GitHub.