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rakudo-install summary

Plugin Name: rakudo-install
Version: 0.0.22
Author: @melezhik
Realease Date: 2017-10-31 14:28:08
Short Description: Install Rakudo as system package
Category: utilities
Plugin web page:
Download link: rakudo-install-v0.000022.tar.gz
Latest version link:

# 0.0.22

CentoOS installer - use `rakudo` name when check if Rakudo Perl6 is already installed

# 0.0.21

Update documentation

# 0.0.20

Workaround for

# 0.0.13-16

Add `sudo` parameter available for ubuntu install

# 0.0.10-12

Ubuntu support ( + minor bug fix in debian installer )

rakudo-install documentation

rakudo-install doc


Install Rakudo as system package.


This is simple installer of Rakudo Perl6.

Platforms supported:

  • CentOS (+RHEL)
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Fedora


$ sparrow plg install rakudo-install


# install default distro
$ sparrow plg run rakudo-install

# sets url for distro
# The urls can be found here:

$ sparrow plg run rakudo-install \
--param url=
$ sparrow plg run rakudo-install \
--param url=

Usage with sparrowdo

$ cat sparrowfile

task-run 'install Rakudo', 'rakudo-install';

# or

task-run 'install Rakudo', 'rakudo-install', %(
  url =>  ''

Other options


Set to on if want invoke "sudo" install. Default value is off.


Set to on if you want install_zef_as_user rather than install_zef_as_root flavor when install zef manager, see also rakudo-pkg documentation


Alexey Melezhik

See also

rakudo-pkg project