minoca-pkg-test summary

Plugin Name: minoca-pkg-test
Version: 0.3.1
Author: @melezhik
Realease Date: 2017-02-07 11:07:09
Short Description: Install third party package, run package specific tests
Category: os tests
Plugin web page: https://github.com/melezhik/minoca-pkg-test
Download link: minoca-pkg-test-v0.003001.tar.gz
Latest version link: https://sparrowhub.org/info/minoca-pkg-test

# 0.1.1

correct versions of packages - https://github.com/minoca/os/issues/24#issuecomment-274875444
upon Evan's request

minoca-pkg-test documentation


Minoca third party packages smoke tests.


  • Verify that third party packages are installed successfully
  • Optionally run smoke tests for some packages


Don't run this plugin on production system, it might be harmful. Use dedicated test boxes.


On running minoca instance:

  $ opkg update
  $ wget -O - http://sparrowhub.org/minoca.sh | sh # bootstraping sparrow tool
  $ sparrow plg install minoca-pkg-test


  $ sparrow plg run minoca-pkg-test

minoca-pkg-test screen shot

Resolving packages list

Packages list to check gets build in runtime parsing output of opkg list command.

Overriding package list

If you want to override package list choose --param pkg-list option:

  # Check only perl and sqlite packages
  $ sparrow plg run minoca-pkg-test --param pkg-list=perl,sqlite

Configuring smoke tests

Smoke tests are shell commands gets executed with output gets analyzed.

Minoca-pkg-test comes with only few smoke tests for some packages, if you want to define new ones it is possible:

  $ sparrow project create minoca
  $ sparrow task add minoca pkg-check minoca-pkg-test
  $ sparrow task ini minoca/pkg-check

      command perl --version
      output  This is perl 5
      command sqlite3 --version
      output regexp: \d\.\d\.\d
      command screen --version
      output regexp: Screen version \d
      command tar --version
      output tar (GNU tar)    
    # bla bla bla

  $ sparrow task run minoca/pkg-check

Helper actions

List installed packages

To know what packages are already installed use list-installed action.

  $ sparrow plg run minoca-pkg-test --param action=list-installed


Alexey Melezhik