minoca-build summary

Plugin Name: minoca-build
Version: 0.1.9
Author: @melezhik
Realease Date: 2016-12-15 12:48:28
Short Description: Minoca OS builder
Category: build tools
Plugin web page: https://github.com/melezhik/minoca-build
Download link: minoca-build-v0.001009.tar.gz
Latest version link: https://sparrowhub.org/info/minoca-build

minoca-build documentation


Minoca OS builder.


This is a high level wrapper of Minoca build scripts and by no means should be treated as substitution of a such. Now it just works for me. Minoca-build tool abstracts some low level details of cooking things with make which could be safe way to go for unprepared user, but if you need to hack into process - please follow Minoca build scripts documentation.

If you need ready examples, there are some at examples/ directory.


Install sparrow

  • Follow sparrow documentation if you want to install sparrow on none Minoca OS.

  • To install sparrow on minoca OS instance $ wget http://sparrowhub.org/minoca.sh -O - | sh

Install minoca-build sparrow plugin:

  $ sparrow index update
  $ sparrow plg install minoca-build



Before running any build, you should install Minoca Toolchain binaries:

  $ wget http://www.minocacorp.com/download/minoca-tools-linux.tar.gz
  $ mkdir ~/minoca
  $ tar -xzf minoca-tools-linux.tar.gz -C ~/minoca

Now you are free to run builds:

  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=list              # show available target list
  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=os                # build minoca OS
  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=all-tools         # required to build packages
  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=nano-2.2.6        # build nano package
  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=nano-2.2.6-clean  # clean nano package 
  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=nano-2.2.6-clean,nano-2.2.6 # clean and the build nano
  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=image             # build OS image with packages built in

minoca build report

Custom configuration

These are default settings for minoca build environment:

  | Variable             | Default Value                                     |
  | SRCROOT              | ~/minoca                                          |
  | DEBUG                | dbg                                               |
  | ARCH                 | x86                                               |
  | TOOLS*               | ~/minoca/src/x86dbg/tools/bin                     |

(*) TOOLS variable sets path to minoca toolchain binaries.

To override default settings you do:

  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param srcroot=/path/to/srcroot --param tools=/path/to/tools/bin --param target=os

Or ( probably better as could be set once ) create a sparrow task:

  $ sparrow project create minoca
  $ sparrow task add minoca builder minoca-build
  $ sparrow task ini minoca/builder

    srcroot = /my/src/root
    debug   = dbg
    arch    = x86
    tools   = /my/src/x86dbg/tools/bin/      

  $ sparrow task run minoca/builder --param target=os

Custom builds

You may define custom builds with either command line parameters.

  # Build nano editor, curl and bash
  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=nano-2.2.6,curl-7.41.0,bash-4.3.30

Or using sparrow tasks:

  $ sparrow task add minoca gear minoca-build # build some useful tools
  $ sparrow task ini minoca/gear

    target nano-2.2.6
    target curl-7.41.0
    target bash-4.3.30

  $ sparrow task run minoca/gear

Running none build targets

Usually all you need is to build a package, but if you run other some specific targets:

Building tools

Tools are required to build all other packages, so this is probably the first thing you need to do.

Warning: building tools takes awhile when doing first time. Take your coffee ;-)

  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=all-tools   # required to build packages

Building os

There is dedicate target for it called 'os' to build Minoca OS.

  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=os

Rebuilding os image

Sometimes you need to rebuild os image, usually right after you get some package built:

  # Build my gear soft:
  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=nano-2.2.6,curl-7.41.0,bash-4.3.30

  # Now I need to rebuild the image 
  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=image


  # running tests against third party Perl:
  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=perl-5.20.1-test

  # or with task:

  $ sparrow task add minoca perl-test minoca-build
  $ sparrow task ini minoca/perl-test

    target perl-5.20.1-test

  $ sparrow task run minoca/perl-test


This target cleans some already build package, this technical equivalent of make clean for given package:

  # remove nano, curl and bash objects 
  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=nano-2.2.6-clean,curl-7.41.0-clean,bash-4.3.30-clean

  # or with sparrow task

  $ sparrow task add minoca hacker-gear-clean minoca-build
  $ sparrow task ini minoca/hacker-gear-clean
    target nano-2.2.6-clean
    target curl-7.41.0-clean
    target bash-4.3.30-clean


If you want start all over the scratch call wipe target:

  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=wipe

This technically call make wipe for os repository and make clean for third-party repository

Update sources

This target fetch (via git pull) latest update for both os and third-party repository

  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=update-sources

List available targets

To list all targets you can run:

  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=list

Or narrow list by using filter:

  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=list --param filter=gcc

Show build log

By default all build logs gets redirected to file and only dumped out on errors. If you want to see it use verbose option:

  $ sparrow plg run minoca-build --param target=postgresql-9.5.4 --param verbose=on

Running sequence of builds:

  $ nano tasks.json


      "task" : "os",
      "plugin" : "minoca-build",
      "data" : {
        "srcroot"   => "/src",
        "arch"      => "x86", 
        "debug"     => "dbg",
        "target"    => "os"
      "task" : "build-nano-editor",
      "plugin" : "minoca-build",
      "data" : {
        "srcroot"   => "/src",
        "arch"      => "x86", 
        "debug"     => "dbg",
        "target"    => "nano-2.2.6"
      "task" : "build-new-image",
      "plugin" : "minoca-build",
      "data" : {
        "srcroot"   => "/src",
        "arch"      => "x86", 
        "debug"     => "dbg",
        "target"    => "image"

  $ sparrow box run tasks.json

Running by cron

With --cron flag sparrow suppress a normal output and only emit report on unsuccessful exit code

  $ sparrow task run minoca/perl-test --cron

Running builds by ssh

Take a look at Sparrowdo - tool to run sparrow plugins over ssh ( and even more! ).


Alexey Melezhik

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