git-async-push summary

Plugin Name: git-async-push
Version: 0.1.15
Author: @melezhik
Realease Date: 2016-11-01 11:29:12
Short Description: Make an asynchronous push to remote git repositories
Category: utilities
Plugin web page:
Download link: git-async-push-v0.001015.tar.gz
Latest version link:

git-async-push documentation


Make an asynchronous push to remote git repositories.


  sparrow plg install git-async-push


  sparrow plg run git-async-push \
  --param git_remote= \
  --param local_dir=/path/to/local/git/repositories/



This should be a remote git repository URL representing a realm of your multiple repositories.

For example, if you use BitBucket, this could be a team container:

  --param git_remote=


This should be a local path to a directory containing a local git repositories to get pushed.

So an example layout should be:

  # local_dir:

  # foo repository:
  /home/melezhik/repos/foo/ -- remote git url ---> $git_remote/foo.git

  # baz repository:
  /home/melezhik/repos/baz/ -- remote git url ---> $git_remote/baz.git

  so on ...

So the convention is that the names of the sub directories at the $local_dir should match names of the remote git repositories :


A plugin goes through the list of repositories and asynchronously push data into a remote git repos. An asynchronous behavior is implemented by simple Linux background process using &.


Only proceed a given project. Should be a name of sub directory inside $local_dir

For example:

  --param project=baz


An optional parameter, if set - add $postfix string to the name of remote repository being pushed.

For example:

  --param  postfix='-bar-baz'

This technically means that for foo directory will be used a following remote repository:

  # foo repository:
  /home/melezhik/repos/foo -- remote git url ---> $git_remote/foo-bar-baz.git


Alexey Melezhik