file-compare-columns summary

Plugin Name: file-compare-columns
Version: 0.0.3
Author: @melezhik
Realease Date: 2017-09-13 13:05:50
Short Description: Simple file/columns compare tool
Category: utilities
Plugin web page:
Download link: file-compare-columns-v0.000003.tar.gz
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file-compare-columns documentation


Simple file/columns compare tool


Print all lines from File $file1 + column with number $mismatch_col_num from File $file2 if the column with number $match_col_num in both files matches but column with number $mismatch_col_num doesn't match.


  $ sparrow plg install file-compare-columns


  $ sparrow plg run file-compare-columns \
  --format concise \ # to hide overly info 
  --param file1=/path/to/file1 \
  --param file2=/path/to/file2 \
  --param match_col_num=1 \
  --param mismatch_col_num=3

Plugin maintainer

Alexey Melezhik