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catmandu summary

Plugin Name: catmandu
Version: 0.0.2
Author: @melezhik
Realease Date: 2017-10-06 13:46:38
Short Description: Simple wrapper for Catamandu cli
Category: utilities
Plugin web page:
Download link: catmandu-v0.000002.tar.gz
Latest version link:

# 0.0.2

* Use stdin/stdout by default

# 0.0.1

* First version

catmandu documentation

catmandu doc


Simple wrapper for Catmandu cli


$ sparrow plg install catmandu


Basic usage:

$ sparrow plg run catmandu  <params> -- <catmandu-params>

For example:

# read data from stdin and write to stdout
$ sparrow plg run catmandu -- convert JSON to YAML

# read data from /path/to/file.json  and write to /path/to/file.yaml
$ sparrow plg run catmandu \
--param in=/path/to/file.json \
--param out=/path/to/file.yaml \
-- convert JSON to YAML

For catmandu parameters follow Catmandu documentation


By sparrow tasks:

$ sparrow project create utils

$ sparrow task add utils json-to-yaml catmandu

$ sparrow task ini utils/json-to-yaml

  out: /path/to/file.yaml
    - convert 
    - JSON
    - to
    - YAML

$ sparrow task run utils/json-to-yaml --param in=/path/to/file.json

Or if you prefer remote run, use Sparrowdo:

$ cat sparrowfile

task-run "convert json to yaml", "catmandu", %(
  in => '/path/to/file.json',
  out => '/path/to/file.yaml',
  args => (
    ( 'convert', 'JSON', 'to', 'YAML')

$ sparrowdo --host=$host # run on remote host