azure-kv-show summary

Plugin Name: azure-kv-show
Version: 0.0.1
Author: @melezhik
Realease Date: 2018-05-14 19:47:22
Short Description: Simple wrapper around Azure key vault secret show command
Category: ---
Plugin web page:
Download link: azure-kv-show-v0.000001.tar.gz
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azure-kv-show documentation


Simple wrapper around Azure key vault secret show command. Basically for easy/fast access to your popular key vault secrets. Just because I am to "lazy" to remember various az cli commands syntax.


  $ sparrow plg install azure-kv-show



  # Dump secret `password` of key vault ID `Storage`
  # place certificate into current working directory

  $ sparrow plg run azure-kv-show --param kv=Storage --param sec=password

Key vault syntax:

  $ sparrow plg run azure-kv-show --param url={key vault url}

Sparrow task:

  $ sparrow project create az-kv
  $ sparrow task add az-kv db-pass azure-kv-show
  $ sparrow task ini az-kv/db-pass

  kv: Storage
  sec: password

  $ sparrow task run az-kv/db-pass


Alexey Melezhik