aws-list-tag-instances summary

Plugin Name: aws-list-tag-instances
Version: 0.0.9
Author: @melezhik
Realease Date: 2017-12-27 13:29:39
Short Description: list tagged aws instances in human readable format
Category: aws
Plugin web page:
Download link: aws-list-tag-instances-v0.000009.tar.gz
Latest version link:

aws-list-tag-instances documentation


Sparrow plugin to list tagged ec2 instances in human readable format.


  $ sparrow plg install aws-list-tag-instances


To dump your tagged ec2 instances in human readable format just run:

  $ sparrow plg run  aws-list-tag-instances --param tag_key=foo --param tag_value=bar

Or by using sparrow task:

  $ sparrow project create aws 
  $ sparrow task add aws my-instances aws-list-tag-instances
  $ sparrow task ini  aws/my-instances

  tag_key: foo
  tag_value: bar


Alexey Melezhik

See also

aws-run-instance - sparrow plugin to run ec2 instances ( optionally with some tags attached )


Aws cli should be installed