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Sparrow Features

  • SparrowHub is the repository of sparrow plugins - reusable scripts.
  • Sparrow plugins are packaged scripts distributed across your team.
  • Sparrow supports one of languages on your choice - Perl5, Bash, Python, Ruby.
  • Choose your language when creating sparrow plugins
  • Sparrow provides universal way to search/install/configure and run scripts independently of your platform.
  • Sparrow scripts will work at any Linux OS, provided that you have Perl5 installed.
  • After all - SparrowHub/Sparrow is active network of scripts written by people for people.

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Sparrow CLI

To use sparrow plugins you should install Sparrow console client:

$ cpanm Sparrow
Then take a brief Sparrow users tutorial for sparrow client API, or dive into details at Sparrow documentation.

Sharing Plugins

Want to create a useful sparrow plugin or convert existing script into sparrow plugin so to share your work with others? It's pretty easy! Take a look at brief Sparrow developers tutorial, or dive into details at Outthentic - sparrow plugins development kit.

Perl6 DSL

Sparrowdo is high level Perl6 interface for sparrow plugins. Normally you don't need it to work with sparrow. But if you want to gain an extra automation - welcome to Sparrowdo project!

Related Links

Here is the list of useful links related to Sparrow:

  1. Sparrow - Sparrow project at GitHub. Please post issues here.
  2. Outthentic - is a sparrow plugins development kit.
  3. Swat - is http services testing framework. You may distribute swat tests as sparrow plugins.
  4. Sparrowdo - high level Perl6 interface to Sparrow.
  5. Sparrowdo blog site - you may find here information about Sparrow as well.
  6. SparrowHub google group - you may post your questions, ideas here. We'll gladly answer you.
  7. MetaCPAN Sparrow - Sparrow at MetaCPAN.