Welcome to SparrowHub!

SparrowHub is the repository of automation scripts. One can easily create a new scripts with notion of so called sparrow plugins, another could easily find, install and run required script for a specific tasks. In other words - SparrowHub is active network of automation scripts written by other people. You may take an analogy with CPAN for Perl or RubyGems for Ruby.

Want to develop new sparrow plugin and upload it into SparrowHub? Take a brief 5 minutes tutorial for sparrow developers and then dive in more details reading documentation on Sparrow and Outthentic.

Want to find a specific sparrow plugin and use it? Take a brief 5 minutes tutorial for sparrow users and then find some plugins using "Search Plugins" form above.

Sparrow friends

Sparrow has some "friendly" projects, here are some:

  1. swat - Simple web application tests framework
  2. SparrowDo - Simple Perl6 configuration management tool based on sparrow plugins
  3. SparrowUP - SparrowDO Web UI

Here the list of links you can find more documentation on Sparrow:

  1. Sparrow - a sparrow project at GitHub. Please post issues here
  2. Outthentic - is a sparrow plugins development kit
  3. blogs.perl.org papers - a plenty of articles concerning sparrow on blogs.perl.org
  4. SparrowHub google group - you may post your questions, ideas here. We'll gladly answer you
  5. MetaCPAN Sparrow - if you prefer MetaCPAN you may find sparrow here